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  1. How do I contact Davidson’s, Inc. by phone, fax and email?
    If your account already has an assigned Account Executive, you may click the “Call Me Quick” button to be contacted promptly and directly. Other options for contacting Davidson’s include:

    Phone: (800)-367-4867

    Email: salesinfo@davidsonsinc.com

    Fax: (928)-776-0344

    Address: 2625 Stearman Road, Prescott, AZ 86301

  2. What are the business hours at Davidson’s, Inc.?
    Our Account Executives are available Monday through Saturday:

          • 9am Eastern – 5pm Pacific

    Our order placement cutoff Monday through Saturday: With our late daily order cutoff you can place your order until 5:00 PM Mountain standard time, that’s as late as 8:00 PM Eastern time We are available for YOUR convenience, which is why we are taking orders and shipping when other distributors are closed.
  3. What forms do I need to fill out to set up an account with Davidson’s, Inc.?
    In order to set up an account please complete the following tasks:

    1. Complete Reseller Application Form and provide a copy of applicable states sales tax exemption form. Please fax the forms to (928)-776-0344 or email to forguns@davidsonsinc.com

    2. Sign a copy of your Federal Firearms License and send to salesinfo@davidsonsinc.com or fax to (928)-776-0344
    *California Dealers: submit your CFD (California Firearms Dealer) number and you have the option to submit a Law Enforcement High Capacity Magazine permit and/or Assault Rifle permit.

    *New York Dealers: submit a copy of your Handgun License. Following the completion of these tasks an Account Executive will contact you to welcome you as one of our valued customers.

  4. Why do I have need to submit a state sales tax form?
    Davidson’s, Inc. is a “Wholesale” firearms company, selling only to true firearms dealers. Davidson’s is not set up to collect or remit state sales taxes. Each Dealer needs to provide a state sales tax form confirming they will be charging appropriate sales tax at the point of sale.
  5. What email or fax number do I send a copy of my FFL to?
    Please fax a copy of your signed FFL to 928-776-0344 or you may choose to email a copy of your signed FFL to salesinfo@davidsonsinc.com
  6. Where is Davidson’s, Inc. located?
    Davidson’s, Inc. is located in Prescott, Arizona. The Prescott area is the home to many firearms industry members including: Ruger, Ransom Rest, Gunsite, and the Yavapai College Gunsmithing School.
  7. What is the Davidson’s, Inc. shipping policy?
    Fedex and UPS are utilized for shipments within the 48 contiguous states.

    For rates and additional information, please click below.

          Shipping Policy

  8. What are my credit term options when I begin doing business with Davidson’s, Inc.?
    Our credit terms and policies may be found by clicking the link below.

          Credit Terms Statement

  9. When I fill out the Credit Application, is my personal credit score checked?
    You have a choice to select a credit review of your company, personal guarantor or both. If you select personal guarantor, you will need to submit your Social Security Number in order for the credit review to be processed.

  10. How do I make an ACH payment?
    ACH – (Automated Clearing House) – Orders with ACH terms are pre-paid in one of two ways:

    1. If you wish for our processor to initiate the transaction, we must have a signed setup form on file and a transaction form by fax or email for each new dollar amount.

    2. If your account has qualifying terms (all except COD/Cert.) you can initiate a payment online using our ACH payment portal. No fax or email is required for you to initiate the transaction at our payment portal.
      See www.davidsonsonline.com under Account Status (Login needed).

  11. How do I make a Chax payment?
    Please send Chax payments by email to: chax@davidsonsinc.com or you may send Chax payments by fax to: 928-776-0344.

  12. What is the Davidson’s Guaranteed Warranty?
    If anything ever goes wrong with any gun you buy with the Davidson's GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty, it will be replaced. If no replacement is available, it will be repaired at no charge to you.

    For complete warranty terms please click the following link.

          Davidson's GuaranteeD® Warranty

  13. How do I return a defective item to Davidson’s, Inc.?
    Please contact us at 1-800-367-4867. A Davidson’s Account Executive will verify that the serial number of the item that was sold by Davidson’s and will coordinate the return with you. You may also email us at salesinfo@davidsonsinc.com.

  14. How do I become a Retailer who appears on www.galleryofguns.com?
    You'll need to:

    1. Become a Davidson’s Gold Dealer (see question 15).
    2. Complete page 3 of the ResellerAgreement which consists of the questions in the following box, fax it to (928)-776-0344 or email it to forguns@davidsonsinc.com).
      • Does your business operate a minimum of 4days/20hours a week?
      • Is your business open to the general public to come in without an appointment?
      • Is your business easily identifiable from the street?
      • Does your inventory have at least 25 firearms for resale?
      • Do you agree to extend information and process returns in accordance with the Davidson’s Lifetime Replacement program for all firearms sold on GallerofGuns.com?
      • Do you agree to disclose ALL charges to the consumer on your Gun Genie profile (credit card charges, background check fees, registration fees, all taxes, shipping and handling)?

    Being a GalleryofGuns.com retailer allows you to show your customers you are one of the very best in the firearms business. We have created a unique set of tools and services that allow you to stand center stage and aggressively promote your business by:
    • Listing YOUR store when customers conduct a “Retailer Search”
    • Showing your store information and prices when a customer selects to view an “Instant Quote” on a product using Gun Genie
    • Allowing you to build a FREE online store
    • Providing you with a Gun Genie Network Membership (some restrictions apply call your Account Executive for details)

  15. What is the Davidson’s, Inc. Gold Dealer Program?
    Becoming a member of Davidson’s Gold Dealer Program allows you access to a unique set of tools and services that designed to help you grow your business. As a Davidson’s Gold Dealer, you will receive the following benefits:
    • Priority allocation of high demand, limited supply guns
    • Gold Dealer only specials
    • Customizable E-Flyers (available upon request)
    • Quarterly Purchase Recap (available upon request
    • A FREE online store
    • GalleryofGuns.com Retailer Near You Listing (some restrictions apply)
    • GalleryofGuns.com Gun Genie Results Listing (some restriction apply)
    Qualifying is EASY:
    To become a Gold Dealer simply purchase (10) non-allocated guns on (1) order or by purchasing $10,000 of merchandise (excluding Gun Genie Sales) from Davidson’s in a twelve month period . Then to continue your Gold Dealer membership and enjoy all its benefits simply purchase $10,000 (excluding Gun Genie Sales) during the 12 months prior to November 30th of each year .

    Please contact your Account Executive today for additional information or questions at 1-800-367-4867 or email us at forguns@davidsonsinc.com!

  16. What comprises “Sales Wizard” section of Davidson’s Online?
    The “Sales Wizard” section of Davdison’s online is your command center for utilizing Davidson’s unique tools and services design to help you increase your business. As a GalleryofGuns.com retailer, you will benefit by using the SALES WIZARD feature to enhance your sales by:
    • Creating Your Own Online Store – Allowing you full access to sell from our enormous inventory by personalizing your own pricing structure. Your store will be listed on the Gun Genie and Retailer Search section of GalleryofGuns.com enabling your customers to view your pricing along with full color pictures of the firearms and their specifications.
    • Increasing Your Inventory Turnover - This will enable you to take a deposit and order from us without actually incurring interest expenses by stocking all the items that we carry.
    • Linking to Your Own Website - If you have your own web site, you will be able to bring customers from our site to yours by linking from your Davidson's Online Store

  17. May I place item(s) in my shopping cart, secure the serial number and complete my order later?
    No, shopping cart items are not secured until the order is completed. You must proceed to checkout to secure and complete your purchases.

  18. May I view my serial numbers of the items I order prior to shipment?
    You cannot view the serial numbers prior to shipment. However, you may view your serial numbers after the item has shipped by clicking on Invoice History, which appears on the left side of the screen under Account Inquiry.

  19. May I “back-order” items at Davidson’s, Inc.?
    Davidson’s does not backorder items, so you never will be surprised by shipments of backordered items and may attempt to source them elsewhere. However, you may “Stock Watch” items. If an item has zero quantity available you may add the item in Davidson’s Online to your “My Wants List.” As soon as the item arrives in our inventory, an email will be sent to you notifying delivery of the item to our inventory; however, it does not confirm an order for you nor does it ensure that the item will still be available upon receipt of the email as some item(s) sell in a matter of minutes.

  20. How do I “stock watch” an item on Davidson’s Online?
    You may select an Item in Power Search, view the Item Detail Page and click on “Add to Wants List” or key a quantity in the Order field and click on the shopping cart that has a red flag inside of it.

  21. What does the letter ‘A’ “Allocated” mean when it appears next to an item number on Davidson’s Online?
    An allocated item is one where the demand for it far out steps the supply of an item, therefore enabling Davidson’s to sell all receipts of the item in less than a week and many times in a matter of hours. This item is unavailable to order online at this time. Dealers should contact their Account Executive for availability.

  22. What does the word “Call” mean when it appears next to an item number on Davidson’s Online?
    When “Call” appears on an item, the item is very popular and we encourage you to make immediate contact with your Account Executive to inquire about quantity availability.

  23. How do I download the Davidson’s, Inc. Inventory?
    In Davidson’s Online, Click the “Resources” drop down menu and choose the “Inventory Download” tab. Based on the instructions, you may choose one of the following two options:
    1. Select a manufacturer and click the {Download Now} button to download the inventory data for the selected manufacturer or
    2. Use an FTP tool to download Davidson’s Inventory directly from our FTP site.

  24. Where do I find important information regarding Manufacturer Recalls?
    Click on the Manufacturer Recall tab on the login page or within Davidson’s Online you can click Resources and select Manufacturer Recall Notices.

  25. How do I find MAP Dealer Pricing for select Manufacturers?
    Click on Resources and select Manufacturer MAP (minimum advertised price) programs.

  26. What is Davidson’s, Inc. Privacy Policy?
    Davidsonsinc.com/DavidsonsOnline.com collects non-public and personal information, such as your name, address, e-mail address, or phone number, when you register with Davidsonsinc.com, when you use Davidsonsinc.com products or services.

    Davidsonsinc.com takes your privacy seriously and does not rent, buy, or sell this non-public personal information to other people or non-affiliated companies except to provide products or services you've requested, when we have your permission, or as permitted or required by law. Davidsonsinc.com does not disclose non-public personal financial information about our customers or former customers except as permitted or required by law.

    Davidsonsinc.com restricts access to non-public personal information only to those trusted Davidsonsinc.com employees who need to know that information to provide products and services to you. Davidsonsinc.com maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your non-public personal information.

  27. May I take a tour of Davidson’s, Inc.?
    Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to conduct tours at this time.

  28. May I pick up my order at Davidson’s, Inc.?
    Yes, a Dealer may request a “Dealer Pick Up” with their Account Executive.

  29. May I order from Davidson’s, Inc. if I am a gunsmith?
    Yes, we appreciate your patronage!

  30. How do I become employed at Davidson’s, Inc.?
    Please click on “Employment” located at the bottom of Davidsonsinc.com for a list of employment opportunities and instructions how to apply with us.