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Our History & Mission:
In 1932 Davidson’s opened its doors as a wholesaler of used auto parts in Greensboro, NC and over the long history of the company it also supplied general hunting and fishing supplies, consumer electronics, special liquidation purchases, and general sporting goods.  In the 1980’s, Davidson’s shifted its focus to rest squarely on the wholesale distribution of firearms in the U.S. and today is one of the country’s largest firearms wholesalers.  We believe our success depends on having a progressive mindset without sacrificing the traditional values of excellent service. Davidson’s brings you the best of old and new; years of experience, a huge firearms inventory, innovative services and a rock solid reputation in the firearms industry.

Our Products:
Davidson's product lines consist of offerings from the firearms industry's premier manufacturers.  Over and unders, combination guns, varmint rifles, hunting rifles, handguns, you name it, we stock it.  Additionally Davidson’s has a long and distinguished history of bringing to market many great firearms, beginning with the introduction of the Davidson’s Model-63BDL side by side shotgun in 1963. Since that time the nation’s firearms dealers have enjoyed the sales of literally hundreds of thousands of our exclusive firearm offerings, ranging from small limited runs to well over a hundred thousand of some of our Ruger pistol exclusives. Our focus on the firearms category of shooting products enables us to concentrate our resources on what we do best - first rate service offering the finest names in firearms, every time you call.

GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement:
Keep your customers happy, not waiting for repairs! Davidson’s will quickly ship a brand new replacement gun to your store if your customer has a broken or defective gun. Use our powerful guarantee to increase your customer loyalty and set you apart from other dealers, chains and big box stores.

Gun Genie™:
Consumers utilize this service to SEARCH from Davidson’s huge firearms selection, FIND the exact firearm they are looking for, and BUY the firearm from their choice of Davidson’s Gold Dealers throughout the country. Consumers enjoy the ultimate convenience of shopping from home, while dealers enjoy new customers and the benefit of expanding their product offerings through Davidson’s huge inventory. We’re firm believers that in order for us to succeed, we need to do everything we can to help you succeed.

Our People:
During our extended business hours, calls are answered by live sales people waiting to help you with whatever you need.   Have a question?  Call us on “our nickel” at 1-800-367-4867, and we’ll try to answer any questions you may have about the products we carry.  Consider these toll-free lines your source for firearm information, not just order lines.  When you do want to place an order, we’ll ‘fill in the blanks’. We’re always happy to look up your account and help you find the right gun, availability, shipping method, anything you need! We try hard TO MAKE YOUR JOB EASY!

Hours and Shipping:
We’re doing business for the convenience of our customers.  Knowledgeable and courteous account executives are available 9 AM Eastern to 5 PM Pacific, Monday - Saturday.  With our late daily order cutoff you can place your order until 5:00 PM Mountain standard time, that’s as late as 8:00 PM Eastern time. We’re still taking and shipping orders while other distributors are closed.

Contact Information:
You can contact Davidsons directly:

Phone: Toll Free 1-800-367-4867
Fax: (928) 776-0344
Email: websitecomments@davidsonsinc.com

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